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It's all about Videos

Recording videos is an important things in the wind tunnel business. Wether you want to sell the video to a first time flyer or use it to debrief a proflyer session.
The use of this module has to easy to use because your staff as well as customers are working with it.
Searching for the correct video or session can be a nightmare. Not with our video application!

We analyzed the flaws of all existing systems and built a new one from scratch leaving the know problems out by replacing them with better usability and functionality

The Desktop Client

The video application will serve the reception workers as well as the proflyers in your team rooms. No slow media players, no slow clients, no infrared remotes! Optimized to review flying videos for camps an other pro flyers.

We hope that you like the small demo video. It shows a very common proflyer use case. Search for your videos. Navigate in the video footage and download to disk or usb stick

Desktop Client

Optimized for easy usage and speed while downloading. The client runs well on linux, macos and of course windows.
Perfect for reception, management and all pro flyer rooms.


Unlimited cameras, just limited by the bandwidth and the disk space you have. If its more than 5 we recommend 2 recording stations. The recording task can be done by the nas or on one of the signage screens in the background.

Start Stop Cut

The system is connected to the booking system. You dont need a video panel. Everything is done from the controller panel with the flying plan. Videos will be cut after every flight without any buttons to press, Start and stopping is synchronized with the flying session.


Videos are connected to the clients bookings and flyer names. Just do your session plan the rest is taken care of. Filtering by name and session is included. Sharing of the video files online too.

Video delay

Show the video of the last flight in the antechamber for people to watch right after their flight. The video will include the flyers name. Raspberry pi can be used. If you want to show more than one video per screen a faster computer is required

Accordion FAQ

Any ip camera that streams rtsp is good. We recommend hi grade surveilance cameras because they are built for 24x7 use and provide a good picture quality. Most cameras can use power over ethernet.

For the last project the axis p1367 was used. Make sure you can test the camera some light settings might need a different one.

Not an easy question. It depends on your primary target customer group. For first time flyers you will need the net cam mounted on or underneath the controller table. For belly flyers the top cam is required. In my point of view this would be the minimum setup.
For VFS groups you will need the bottom cam. Make sure there is an ethernet cable in the basement because wlan does not work with all the glass and concrete (we tried and failed, it works but not for long).
If your flyers go dynamic you might need 2 more cameras for the ring and the center lines.
However the center line cam looks nice in any case becasue you get a picture of the front of the tunnel and everything that is happening inside

The video delay can show one camera per screen. In this case you are good with a raspberry pi and a screen. There is an option to mount a screen in portrait orientation inside of the controller room and show 2 videos one on top of the other. In this case a stronger computer is required, the raspberry can not render 2 videos at the same time yet.

Mounting the video delay screens inside of the ante chamber on the metal frame of the door is the best. 32" or 40" screens can fit there and are more than enough. Bigger screens tend to shake a bit because of the wind and the vibrations of the building.

Yes you can, if you have an internet connection that can take it. Video names include a security code then and can be shared directly from the system without the videosystem. The customers can download the videos, proflyers can access the videos assigned to their accounts.

Keep in mind that this feature might require an enourmos amount of bandwith and your internet connection has to be able to support that. I guess 100mb/s are required

We recommend a synology raid. Its chep, reliable and really fast. All things we need (https, webdav, node, apache ..) can be installed on the hardware without buying another server. An installation with 4 disks a 6TB will get you 18TB of usable disk space. If the cameras setup is correct this will host videos and photos of 2 cameras for half a year.

If you need more - get a bigger disk

Hardware troubles? Don`t know what to buy?

You dont want to struggle with the hardware?

With more than 25 years experience in computer networks and hardware, from small network to huge enterprise envirenoments, we can help you pick the right components to optimize use and minimize costs.

If you want to get everyting out of one hand we can get all the equipment preconfigured to your site. Firewall, network switches, computers, raspberries, cameras, flashlight, everything you need.

If you prefere a local IT company no problem. We will prepare a list with required components for your tunnel.