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Take still photos from clients during their flight. The digital signage will display photos of the last flying session on screens inside and outside of the tunnel.

You get extra revenue with a very low amount of effort

Photos can be sold, shared and printed very easily.


Canon EOS, DLP Printer

Any canon eos is supported others might be too just ask for it. A Flashlight with a whitebox is recommended. We can provide a foot switch to trigger the camera.

Printing to DLP printers, Format 15x20cm proved to be the best choice. Printing can be done from any client without installing drivers or additional software

Easy handling

Just push the photo button

Just push the photo button or even better a foot switch in the controller room. 

Choose between multiple pictures on one screen or just one picture on the screen. This allows the controller to sort out bad photos right away. Easy handling and fast processing in the photo sale.

Automatic billing

Get the money, let the system do the rest

Select the photos, take care about the billing, dont worry about the printing. Printing will be done automatically.

You can share photos with an email as well.
Less steps for your staff, more profit for you.

Get you extra profit

Include the photo sale into your workflow you will be surprised how many clients buy a photo after the flight. If instructors embrace flyers to look at their photos sales start to skyrocket. We can help you to choose the right strategy and pick the correct location for the photo display screens.

Demo price calculation

The better you incorporate the after sale in the instructors workflow the easier it is to get to these numbers or even better.

Photos sold

70% in paper form 30% download only


asuming a photo is 5 Eur, the cost for the download is 3Eur


extra profit (aproximately)

Photo printing is 25cent, final price depends on photo cover, download 0eur


It does not matter if you need one or all images at the same time. Apply easy filters, select whatever you need, Download, invoice, print or share from here.

Photos can be ordered from the self checkin both. These orders can be converted to an invoice with one click.

Sample display on 4 photo preview screens

If instructors dont like a photo they`ve taken they can delete it again with one click.