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Management view

Beleive it or not you will be facing millions of different small issues in many different situations. The system helps you handle all of them and will supports you covering up them in a fast and efficient way. Starting with opening times, product definitions or dealing with exceptions on bookings and during operation. We will support you and at the same time keep the data consistent. Every step can be reproduced very easily.

Be in control of who is allowed to do what. Use permissions to delegage work.

  • Manage bookings
  • Plan your staff
  • Manage sportflyers
  • Complex reporting

Manage bookings

Define opening hours, peak and off peak time for a time period or a single day. Override any time.
Control bookings and their consumation with one click. Do changes when noone els is allowed to do so anymore.

Define your products

Flexible product definitions. Complex visibility and availibility settings, unlimited types differ between time of sale and time of flight. Custom pricing per customer/ article. Partner handling for your cooperation partners

Flexible billing

Bill your sportflyers, corporate events, kids parties, or large first timers by the minute, no special handling required.
Manage sportflyer accounts in minutes and money. Keep a log of every movement.

Staff / sponsored time

Auto add staff time per month. Handle different types of free or sponsored time. Keep track of every second.
Create promotions with limited availibility and custom expiry dates.

Product catalog

Manging products and their visibility is the key to success

Unlimited product types and categories

Products can be grouped in product families. These families will be used to group products in the e-commerce section as well as in the reports.

Complex visibility settings

Limit the time of purchase as well as the time of consumtion. Get special prices for short Term bookings or specials out with a limited availibility span. Allow proflyers to buy hour packages for a special price that auto expire after a given amount of days or after a specific date.

Individual pricing

Add special pricings for inidividual customers, sportflyers or cooperation partners. Use global discounts for permanent discounts.
Discount coupons can be used to change the pricing in many ways.

Hourly prices for everything and everyone

Define the price per hour for special events like corporate events, kids birthday parties or even first timers and bill by minute. Avoid having several products for the same use with individual time and money settings to pollute your product catalog.

Plan your staff

Plan your staff and let them interact with you. Keeping track of hollidays or sick days never was that easy. Get the best out of your team. The system will allow them to interact and always be in the loop. They can acess their own staff plan anytime from anywhere.

Plan your staff

Who is on shift?

Just drag and drop the person in charge to the day you want them to work.


One of Bootstrap 4's big points

One of Bootstrap 4's big points is responsiveness and Mobirise makes effective use of this by generating highly responsive website for you.

Web Fonts

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform and Mobirise makes it easy for you to use them on your website easily and freely.

Reporting, the key to success

Monitoring your tunnels performance is the key for management share holders. Reports will show you all data you need in one place. Wether you want to analyse a promotion thats in progress, check your income or take a glimpse in the future of your bookings! 

See how much you invoiced. View numbers by time, online/offline sales, customer groups, article groups or even single articles.

Filter by e-commerce and on site sales, group by month/year

Revenue report answers the questoin of "How much time did i earn?" Income will show you how much you sold, revenue how much time was used already. All in money values.

Detailed statistics about time that was consumed/flown in your tunnel. Figure out who flew how much. Grouped by booking type, customer type and more.
See sold and free/staff time in different statistics.

Monitor the sales, discounts given and commission payed to external partners like jolliday, jochen schweizer groupon and many more. 

We record every movement of the tunnel. Speed, power consumtion, themperature. The booked time can be compared with the consumed time. Buffers and booking types will be considured. Find leaks in bookings fast.