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Session Planning

Good session planning required? We do almost everything automated for you.
Instructors should receive a complete flying schedule that is done already, all first timers planned, all prerequisites checked. If adjustments are required they have to be done fast and easy.
For proflyers adjustments can be made very easily.

Changes can be done by the reception, in the controller room or at the changing area. Just drag and drop people in the right spot. No matter if its in the next session or not.


See what the session planning can do. The focus is on easy use while keeping all the required information in place. Session details of flyers can be changed until the flying started. Flights can be moved until consumed.
Flyer Information
Who is flying?

See who did the booking and its status. Any problems with the waiver? Who did the booking, What people are assigned to fly within this session

Flight duration
change it as you like

Uneven flying times? Nr of flights, no problem just assign the booking with the individual flying time to the flyers as you like.

Automatic rotation
When are people flying

Rotatio is done automatically, everytime you change a flyer, time or flight count the order is recalcuated just in time. It respects the order that was planed before and will get everybody a perfect rotation

Manual override
You dont like the calculated order?

Just drag and drop flying slots within the flying list at any time. You can even move people to the session before or after with drag and drop.

Session rotation

Because some sessions are different
Session Rotation Planning

Rotate with other session

Rotate with the previous or next

Use drag and drop to move flights from one session to the other. Moving flight can be done until the flight was consumed. So If you figure out problem with the rotation you can fix it within seconds

Handle Breaks

No rotation? No problem

Its going to happen - a session without rotation. We support breaks. Just select how long the break should be and the system takes care about that for you. Or select the amount of breaks manually.

Focus on the important things

We hide old stuff

Flights that were done are automatically hidden from the driver. They can be re-shown with one click but usually nobody needs them anymore.
Add repeat flights and a demo flight at any point of time. Billing is done for you. 0 clicks.

Adjust sessions to your needs

Session length, overbook?

You need 35Min this time? No problem. Reception can overbook any session in the tunnel very easily. If you want to have a different session length that can also be accessed from the online booking feel free to change the session length itself.


An ipad in the controller room will show the required information to the driver of the tunnel. Speeds are captured during flying and stored for the next session. Flights and videos are switched automatically. In the best case you just need to start the session the rest is done for you.

Since we dont live in a perfect world the driver has to be able to react to the situation in the tunnel and adopt. Pause, mark, unmark time. Repeat flights, taxi flights and proflyer time can be added with a few clicks.
A screen in the tunnel will show the flying order the next flyer and his helmet number to the instructor in charge.

Flying Info TV screen


See instructor, driver, breafing, aftersale, all the roles you can define for a session in one screen. You never neet to guess whos on shift, your clients can identify their instructor right away.


Whats the status of the running session? How long is it going to take? Is there any delay? Any free time we can sell?


See all the names of your clients and their helmet numbers. Allow proflyers to see the planed flights and flight time before they enter the tunnel. Doublecheck flyer names


A simpler staff room view is available it will hide the flyers names and just show the shift plan.