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This is the part where you meet with your clients. The purchase process is short, easy and fast. No extra pages will ensure a very low customer drop out rate. Satisfy your clients and get them to the checkout page as fast as possible.
Allow sportflyers to manage their accouts online and do bookings for sportflyer time.

E-commerce Features

The core features to to handle your clients needs


Sell products as downloadable vouchers

Vouchers for all kinds of products as a voucher. Customize the visibility, pricing, limit availibility and much more. The products shown here can be different from the products you can book. You can print vouchers to a gift card on site, use a nice gift wrapping and ship to the customer. 

Book your flight

Book your flight right away

Select your time and date before you have to register. Multiple bookings can be done at the same time. Bookings can be mixed with merchantise and vouchers. Sell more than one product with one simple and easy checkout.


Allow proflyers to do their own schedule

Proflyers can manager their account online. Book flights from their accounts, Export the history, manage flights and add flyer names and comments online to be used in the tunnel later. The user interface is easy, things can be changed very easly during the booking process.

but there`s more!

The E-commerce module is integrated in the booking system, all actions are done just in time.
Mobile ready
Use your mobile device to book

The booking process is optimized for mobile devices. All pages are respionsive and work on the device of your choice.

Use discount  codes
Get ready for the next special

Use discount codes to give discount to your clients. Discounts can be limited to bookings, vouchers, selected products or a product category. You want to call a discount from facebook or any other partner you do advertisement? No problem.

Global price discounts
Want to smash out a product?

Use a global price discount to discount products for a limited time. Can be applied to a single item. No discount code is required for that.

Deep linking
Sell products from your web page

You can advertise and present products on your web page and add them to the cart or start a booking process with a simple link. You dont need to use our product catalog if you dont like it.

The checkout process

The place where you keep your customers and close the sale  - or loose them, if done wrong.

The checkout process is short and fast. Just select a product, you will be asked if you want to add more or pay right away. The payment and checkout page is one page only. Enter your data and you are good to go and start the online payment. The completion rate is awesome.

If you add reservations to your shopping cart they will automatically time out after 30 minutes.

Custom Design

Invoices and vouchers are fully customizeable. Within the e-commerce portal you can change styles, logos and colors

Direct download

Invoices and vouchers can be downloaded right after the payment was done. No waiting for emails, no problems with antispam measures.


We will support your language. Right now english, german, spanish, french and catalan is supported. New Languages can be added very easily you just have to provide the translation for us.

Tag Manager

Google Tag manager with advanced e-commerce tracking is enabled. You can track every order, or even discount code using google analytics.