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A working reception is the key to your success. Reception will be the first meeting point between customers and your company. 
It is crucial that all processes are efficient and optimized for speed and usabilty.


Get an oversight of the full day in one simple page. Manage bookings by drag and drop. Drag a booking to a new timeslot or drop it to one day to another.
Keep track of all movements at any time.
Be aware of the status of a booking at all time. Is it payed? confirmed?


Handle all on site sales and invoices as well as on site payments. Six payment terminals will support you and connect your card transactions to the invoices without any manual steps. Just hit pay - if the payment was successfull the invoice will be ready and printed

Automatic printing

All invoices on site will be printed to a thermal printer without pressing any button at all. You can use several front desks with more than one printer. Save hundrets of euros on printing costs a year.

Everything is connected

Bookings, vouchers, everything you sell is connected to the time scheudle. If you remvoe an invoice all bookings are removed too. No need to worry about disconnected items anymore. This offers a fraud protection at the same time.

The key is automation

Every task reception has to complete manually will take time. Time they do not have when the tunnel is busy and packed with customers. We try to get rid of as many manual steps as possible and try to automate and optimize the workflow all the time.

Photo handling

Select the photos you want to invoice, Printing is done after you`ve received the money from the client. 
Customers can select the photos they want to buy on one of the self checkin terminals you can convert one of these selections to an inoice with just one click.

Gift Vouchers

You have a unique and special gift wrapping for your vouchers? Printing gift vouchers apple style is supported. Print any voucher on paper in your design or on a plastic card printer and pre-designed cards. Your clients are going to love it

After sales

Repeat flights? Invoices for repeat flights are created during flying you just have to make sure the client shows up at the reception and pays for them. Of course you can add merchandise or photos to the same invoice.

Organize checkins

Customers that did the self checkin can be used to plan the schedule. If the booking id is added during the self checkin organizing the session is done after completing the signature of the waiver.
Moreover the self checkin can be done at home!