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The self checkin can be used to fill liability waivers before flying. Its important that the information collected is not lost or forgotten before flying. The waiver is connected to the bookings.
Customers can also fill the waiver at home before flying.
Signature pads make sure you get real signatures and not fake ones.


Ipad pro with an anti theft protection would be the best choice. Of course computers with keyboards can be used. Unfortunately the Raspberry is not fast enough for this task.
If you have international clients ipads are the better choice

Checkin at home

Checkin@home, we send a link with an invitation for that to your clients before their flight. We will even pre fill the forms for them. Arrive at the tunnel and just sign the waiver. The booking is already planned and in the schedule. No more work for reception


The questions and all texts can be customized for your needs. 
Need more questions? Just add them with simple drag and drop. If the result does not match the expected values the system will warn your employees.


Signing the waiver has to be done on a signature pad at the reception desk. You can use more than one. This adds authenticity to the signature and limits fake signatures.

Accordion FAQ

We recommend 3. However some tunnels attract an audience that is slightly slower than others and filling the waiver takes longer. You might want to add some more.

You can use terminals to checkin and fill the liability waiver and others to navigate in the photos taken during flying. Its the same program but it can be customized to show either one or both functionalities

Right now we have the space for english, german, spanish, catalan, french. If you need more we can add more.