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Digital advertising / signage

Advertising in the tunnel made easy. Just put screens with a raspberry everywhere you plan to advertise for flights, merchantise, camps, photos and you are good to go.

Digital Signage features

The signage is a very powerfull tool to place advertising in and outside of the building. All aspects can be managed from within the booking system in one place. Just grant the permission to handle it to one of your employees and you are ready to start.
Static content
Use Images, videos or photos to advertise

Upload images, videos, mix them with photos from the last flying session. Easy upload, selection and configuration. Just drag and drop items to a playlist and you are good to go.

PWA - Progressive App
save bandwith and go easy on your internet connection

All content elements are downloaded one time only and cached after that. If the connection goes down the screens will keep going

Cheap hardware support

Pick a monitor you like. Fullhd resolution is fully supported. A Raspberry pi will be used to run the signage screens. Other clients are supported as well (intel nuc, ..).

Go Big
Multi screen support

Multiple screens can be used to show photo content. The screens can be synchronized to switch the images at the same time. The biggest installation serves 3o screens in several floors now

Signage example use cases

Best practises for signage use. Well tested

Select to view details

Promote your products, display common information for clients. Use images to sell products or upsell. You can also provide video content to give people a good experience when they enter the tunnel.

Change the menu of your bar on demand. Provide photos of meals and drinks in a nice way. 

Photo view for end customers. View the photos of the last session with the customers name and photo number. Sell these photos at the reception.

A watermark can be added to prevent theft by taking photos of the pictures with a phone.

Play the videos of the last flight. Usually mounted inside the ante chamber of the tunnel

The amount of screens depend on the size of your tunnel. We`ve got installations with 5 and some with 34 screens.

If you stick with static images and normal Videos you can use raspberries and any fullhd screen you like. If you prefer videos with a higher resolution or more performance in general we recommend intel nuc computers with a corei5.