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Focus on your business! We will take care about your software needs. 

Running a tunnel is not about running a bunch of servers. You should be able to focus on sales, improve customer relationships and allow your staff to live their dream and do the things they have to do in an easy way and as efficient as possible. We provide the tools for that and will help you to grow with the time and use all innovations we add.

User satisfaction inside and outside of the tunnel is our main goal.

Just see what we can do for you and your team

Manage your tunnel from anywhere

No worrying about servers, firewalls, networks upgrades and all these things. 

Run anywhere

mobile ready

E-commerce is mobile optimized. Do sales, reservations, proflyer bookings online on the device of your choice. Manage and control your business parameters from anywhere.

Be unique

Get the most out of your business

You are not a tennis court! Take advantate of the unique opportunities a wind tunnel business has to offer. Our tool helps you to do that in an easy way.


Take benefit of insider knowledge

We live inside the tunnel business and work with tunnels ever since 2003. Developing agile helps us to improve our system every month. By analysing and optimizing business processes we will help you save time. If you miss a thing just let us know.


Sell your products online

Sell anything online, book online. Promotions, online vouchers, online sales, upsales, pro flyer bookings and so much more.
Get the most out of your clients!

On site sales

All tasks your reception has to do

On site sales, voucher sales, invoicing, checkin, session planning, printing, photo video sale, merchantise and after sales. So many things to do in such a short amount of time.

Daily business

Instructors work

Organize sessions, manage rotation, handle repeat and taxi flights, print certificates, participate in aftersales.
Auto organize flights, manually drag and drop them to your desired time.


Marketing, Reporting, all you need

Operational times, products,visibility, pricing, promotions, discount codes.
Plan your staff schedule, connect it with the flight schedule. Manage advertising and automate montly tasks.

Sportflyers welcome!

Manage all your sportflyer needs, stay flexible and in control at the same time.


Be flexible

Use reservations to block time for sportflyers and large camps. Split the time and bill it to individual customer accounts with just a few clicks, before or after the flight happened. No lost reservation, no delete/rebook nightmare. no lost time.
Bill to any clients account on money, minutes, training or just issue a new invoice for it.

Money / time accounts

Be flexible, use both

It does not matter if you want to use money on the clients account or sell hour blocks. Money is widely used for camps, the price per hour is relevant. Time can be used to sell blocks of time. The time will end up on the clients account and can be used for any booking. 
Time can also be used for sponsored and training time

Resiliant Booking

Take your time, dont lose focus

You can start a booking and finish it later, no data is lost. Changes in the bookings will keep the old time slots and allow undo/redo at any time. Booking confirmations are sent only if you want them for every individual booking. The full history of the bookings is kept for review purposes.

Rotation Planning

Plan your flight, satisfy all flyers needs

Planning is done just in time just set the number of flights, the time per flight. Split every booking between flyers. Rotate sessions with eachother. Add breaks of there is no rotation available. Do changes while flying, add Flights or time with just a few clicks without leafing the flying page.


Enjoy our video system. It was built with simplicity in mind. Its connected to the system, names, times and customers are well connected to the videos recorded. Everything is done for you you just have to start the session thats it.

You plan to do competitions? We are ready for Intime and export the videos to a folder of your choice. Just name the flyer and you are good to go. 


Boost your sales with photos taken in the tunnel. Just hit the foot switch and all photos taken will be available to the clients.
Our digital signage solution will show photos in one or more screens wherever you like. Sell, print, share them. There are no extra costs per photo!

Want to know more?

There is so much more. We know that the topic topic is too complex to get it into a simple web page, well of course we could but we keep focus on developing our software and not a web page about it.
Just give us a call and we will setup a meeting in one of the tunnels that use our system. You can also  do a quick introduction in skype meeting.